Community Fuels Project

The Community Fuels Project is a venture where the community works together to manufacture their own fuel, to save them money and stress, with the guidance and support from the technical experts at South Australian Biofuels.

Key Features

Community Operated

Community Operated

The site is run by the local community to supply fuel locally.

Profits Stay Local

Profits Stay Local

The site makes money; the profits can be reinvested into community projects and infrastructure such as schools and hospitals.

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

The site creates employment for both skilled and unskilled people, with all training conducted by South Australian Biofuels.



Once a community becomes part of the Bio-ULTRA network, SA Biofuels will work closely with them to ensure that they get the most out of the Community Fuels Project with ongoing assistance and support.

How It Works

1. Project Starts

Community signs an agreement with SA Biofuels to set up a Community Fuels Project.

2. Equipment Delivered

SA Biofuels supplies the equipment and technical expertise

3. Oil to Fuel

The Community Fuels Project purchase consumables from SA Biofuels for the first year

4. Revenue

The Community Fuels Project sells the manufactured biodiesel to farmers and locals

5. Plant & Crop

Farmers use the biodiesel to plant and harvest their yearly crops and a fuel crop.

6. Seed Processing

Farmers drop their seed off at the Community Fuels Project site for processing

7. Seed to Fuel

The site makes fuel from the seed and gives it to the farmer for next year

8. Cheap Fuel

Excess fuel is sold to the community

9. Community Profits

The by-products are sold creating revenue for the project

10. The cycle continues

Steps 5 to 9 repeat each year