Equipment to Produce Tomorrow’s Fuel

Natural & Renewable


Energy Security

Wars, disasters and even the weather can quickly reduce the supply of fuel around the world. Many industries are heavily reliant on fuel; a supply issue can quickly devastate a business.

Fluctuating Fuel Price

This year alone fuel prices have fluctuated over 50%, this fluctuation can cause extreme financial concerns. Industries cannot correctly budget fuel costs as they are so volatile.

Foreign Ownership

Over 90% of fuel sold in Australia comes from overseas.

Centralised Production

Most fuel sold in Australia comes from a handful of refineries. These refineries are massive and are located outside of Australia. Which means the fuel you use must travel a long way before it gets to you. Since there is only a handful of refineries which means there is less competition which drives up prices.

Environmental Disasters

Each year millions of litres of oil and fuel are spilled into our oceans and in our wonderful environment killing hundreds of animals. Some spills take months to clean up and the environment takes years to recover from it.


Community Fuel Project

Helping communities to produce their own fuel and keeping the profits local

On Site Production

Allowing farmers and other industries to have the technology and expertise to manufacture their own fuel from their own resources.

Fuel Direct

Purchasing high quality fuel direct from the source, contact us today to source fuel from one of our two production facilities.


Reduced $$

Our fuel is generally cheaper than pump prices and if you make it yourself its even cheaper.


The fuel produced is 100% renewable and the CSIRO states fuel produced from plant sources are carbon neutral.


Biodiesel is not just safe to use, its safe for the environment as well. Biodiesel is biodegradable, which means if you have an accidental spill, the biodiesel will breakdown within 20 days

Fixed Price

No matter if you are buying the fuel from us or making it yourself the cost is fixed through the year so you know what your fuel price will be any time of the year.


South Australian Biofuels is 100% Australian owned and all our equipment is designed and built in Australia.

Technology Summary



Manufacturing biodiesel could not be any easier than using the Bio-ULTRA. Fuel can be produced with just a few simple steps.

Community Fuels Project

Community Fuels Project

The Community Fuels Project is a venture where the community works together to manufacture their own fuel.



Biodiesel is a renewable alternative to mineral based diesel. It is made from plant oil or animal fat.

Awards & Recognition

Adelaide e-Challenge
Adelaide e-Challenge
Clever Green Grant
Clever Green Grant
AMP Tomorrow Fund Grant
AMP Tomorrow Fund Grant
York Peninsular Best and Upcoming Technology Award
York Peninsular Best and Upcoming Technology Award
Bridge to MassChallenge
Bridge to MassChallenge
Innovate SA Investment Attraction Program
Innovate SA Investment Attraction Program